Investing in sustainable growth

Minimizing the impact of our production processes through recycling and efficient energy use programs that reduce the generation of residues in all our factories, underpins all our efforts to produce the best products.

57% of all our energy is green. Some of our production lines (pellets, microwave popcorn, popped) are already working with a 100% of green.



  • Installed power: 480 kWp
  • Surface: 6,000 m2 (1 football field)
  • Solar panels: 1,848 units
  • Estimated production: 738,055 kWh / year
  • Equivalent to the consumption of 227 households
  • CO2 reduction: 222,893 Kg / year


  • Capacity: 5,000 Tn of wood chips per year
  • CO2 reduction: 3,400,000 kg / year